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Friday, February 19, 2010

Roborovski hamster

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When I first started looking into Roborovski hamsters, it soon became clear and frustrating that there were almost no websites dedicated just to them. The best I could find was a short paragraph about Roborovski's with not much useful info. That's why I started this site. It is devoted to Roborovski hamsters, giving you all the facts and information you need to acquire, care and tame Robos in one convenient place. I hope you like the site and find it interesting and informative.
Roborovski hamsters (Phodopus roborovskii) are the the smallest and fastest of all hamsters, can live up to 2 to 3 and a half years and are commonly kept as pets.

They are curious and easily startled little hamsters, however very rarely bite. Although their suitability as pets are further diminished by their size and speed, Roborovskis are extremely affectionate towards each other. Their social nature means that when housed together at an early age, they sleep in one place and indeed eat, play etc. together.
Roborovskis grow to about 4 - 5cm long (not 7cm as some sources say), have bullet shaped bodies and very long hind legs for fast running. On this website, you can find much of the information you need to know about acquiring, taming, housing, feeding, sexing, naming and breeding Roborovski's.

this are mine..(DEMOK!!hee~sleeping beauty...haha)beauty??=p



amy said...

The hammies are great! I now have 11 hamsters. One new one, his name is Shaq named after the basketball player, he is big and black. He is a long haired syrian hamster and is very adorable and very touchy. He has to have everything quiet before I can take him out, but when I do he sleeps under the covers while I watch TV. The other hammies are great as well. And they are a year old now, at least the babies. Flower is still my favorite of the girls and she lives alone. Only two of the girl hammies live together now and the rest are seperated. I think the reason why they are doing so well is due to the constant air conditioning they now get. HGD misses them still and just came to visit them for a bit.

farhana said...

i really love this kind of hamster.
try always to taming them.
it will make them feel comfortable.
try to look at some video at youtube,how to taming the hamster oke=))

afiq said...

hye yaya!!
thanks for the info.
i have one.but not the type like yours.
mine is whitedwarf.i think so.hee~
mm,,yours were small.but mine,it can grow more big..
feed them well yours demok!!