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Sunday, February 28, 2010

first step before........

hye readers!!!hee~before that, give me a chance to end my words up,today's entry is about "first step before you want to take a pictures or expert on it"=)) all know..i'm really crazy about, i would like to share my knowledge.Not to much because i'm not to good and i hope you feel satisfied.Have you ever seen a picture and thougt like..."ohh!!i wish i could take pictures like that!"??I'm sure yes..right??=))Well...if you have a little effort,you actually can.It just takes the desire to do it and a little knowledge like me...=p

Here are my steps that maybe could help you...BE FOCUS!!haha..
a)TAKE NOTE about this before you want to take a picture.You should know your cameras well.It doesn't matter either you are using like mine.But,SLR is more better because they provide more creative control.
b)Find a model.I mean...what you want to take ocay.Example cats,kids.

c)Compose your shot!It is a main keys to a great shot..Trust me..hehe..
d)LIGHTNING AREAS???Be alert of this situation.Either it is bright,dark or if there is a shadows.If it interfere your pictures,just settings your camera.Try to take a look on ISO,APERTURE and SHUTTER SPEED.
e)Then...try to take the shot.Snap what ever you want.If you don't like it,change what you don't like and snap it again and again.Keep trying different camera settings to see what looks the best for you.(p/s:NEVER TRY TO GIVE UP!!PLEASE...IT IS A WARNING..haha=p)
f)Lastly...take a look on your computer.Don't feel fruitless with your work.Enhance your favourite shot with "ADOBE PHOTOSHOP,PHOTOSCAPE or COREL PHOTOSHOP".This is some example software that i used.It's really helpful.Personally i like to do this part,because it will make my images a little EXTRA KICK!!haha=p

done!!!hee..easy right??my advice,keep on shooting.The more you shoot and critique yourself,the better you will become.(it's similar like i'm doing hypothesis..haha=p )Just keep doing it kay(^-^)Y.Try to take a look on this video,it might be helpful.CLICK!!adioss~

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