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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

me + photography + my life

mmm...where should i start??I'm going to say that my interest in photography started in the age of 17.What i can remember that,I always wanted to share what i've seen,but i don't really get any chances.Before this,i decided to take up photography.I set off trying to capture all the amazing shot using my handphones where it is not a good quality.Thousands of pictures i take(maybe)hee~,I find myself that i'm improved.I currently own a camera.But not what i dream of(NIKON DSLR).I've own Panasonic DMC-FS4 which i think it just OCAY!.
my latest camera

After all it was very frustrating to see so many people now going out and buying DSLR and its infringing on my know what,I always looked at other people’s stunning photographs and thought to myself, I’d like to be able to do that!!
I was bored with my own bland looking images that had no character whatsoever.I knew photography was never going to be a career for me and will always be nothing more than a hobby.Now that I know the basics and have moved on.Every second i get a chance,I try something new that I’ve maybe seen or read about.

Why I really like about photograph?
I love seeing moments being captured in a way that you don’t really see with your own eyes.I love the feeling I get when i take the picture.I feel inspired to take pictures all the time, but half of that time I never actually take out my camera and do anything with lazy am i..hehe..Now photography became my all-time hobby.I love my photo and i love to show people my vision of the beautiful photos.
It’s something i just need to do to feel good and I do believe it makes people seeing my photos feel better.By the same time photography is a great way to learn new stuff and connect with other interesting people around the world.That is why I photograph.

My aim to do photography is not earning money out of it as like other people,but enjoying it and sharing it.For your information, i will definitely look at my photos again and again..haha=p.Weird right??During my holiday,i always carrying my camera with me whenever i went.I told u this because i want you to know how interesting photography it is.As u all know,i'm not an expert but i'm really into this hobby.
I've not attended photography classes and i don't own a DSLR camera.So,for those people who kind of to share about photography,u are WELCOME! =))
I hope you enjoy my site and my photographs.

just imagine if you are the person who take this do you feel?think about must try..JUST POINT & SHOOT!!

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